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Thank you,

V.A. Petition to STOP the Budget Cuts at Battle Creek, Michigan V.A.
Please copy, cut and paste tthis letter and forward it to your Member of Congress.

To the Members of Congress,
As a family member/friend of a Vietnam Veteran, I implore you to investigate the budget cuts in the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder programs at the Battle Creek Veterans Administration Hospital,
The impatient and outpatient services are extremely beneficial to the healing process of our veterans.  The cutbacks are resulting in delay and or failure in receiving impatient care as well as outpatient appointments with psychiatrists and psychologists.
Our veterans deserve the best treatments available.  The Battle Creek facility is the only hospital in the state of Michigan offering P.T.S.D. medical care to Vietnam Veterans.   P.T.S.D. has affected veterans since World War 1.  Doctors have determined that P.T.S.D. in veterans intensifies with the birth of children and grandchildren.   Each day, thousands of veterans become grandparents, thereby increasin the rick factor of P.T.S.D. episodes necessitating treatment and hospital care.
Our Veterans aren't asking for anything more than veterans of other wars have had accessible to them - treatment programs on an inpatient and outpatient basis with the utmost care available.  The elimination and reduction in the P.T.S.D. programs are a disgrace.  These men and women have earned and justified in expecting medical assistance suitable for their conditions.
Several veterans have addressed the Battle Creek Administrative Personal to no avail.  Again I implore you, to Please review and recognize the importance of the P.T.S.D. programs at the Battle Creek facility and influence the restoration and continuance of all benefits to our veterans.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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